Scheduled for May 10, 2024, at 06:50 PM, the New York Yankees are set to go up against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field under partly cloudy skies. Clarke Schmidt of the Yankees, with an ERA of 3.50, will be up against the Rays’ Taj Bradley, who currently holds an ERA of 0.00.

Heading into this matchup, the Yankees find themselves in second place within the AL East Division, garnering 25 wins and 14 losses, reflecting a winning percentage of 0.64. They hold a divisional record of 6 wins to 7 losses. Their performance shows consistency with 6 wins out of their last 10 games, despite a recent loss. At Tropicana, their record shows 13 wins and 6 losses, while away games show a balance of 12 wins to 8 losses.

Conversely, the Tampa Bay Rays sit in the tenth position in the AL East Division, with an even win-loss record of 19-19, placing them at a 0.50 winning percentage. They hold a divisional record of 3 wins against 4 losses. The Rays, similar to the Yankees, have taken home 6 victories in their last 10 appearances, and like the Yankees, they are emerging from a loss. At home, the Rays have secured 13 wins, but have struggled slightly more on the road with 6 wins to 9 losses.

When examining the teams’ performance in terms of stats, the Yankees have managed a robust offense scoring 188 runs while allowing 135. The Rays, while struggling more, have scored 154 while allowing 185. In terms of betting, the odds are stacked as follows: the point spread is placed at 1.5, with the over/under at 8.5. If betting on the moneyline, consider the Yankees at -138 while the Rays are marked at +116. These odds suggest a slight edge to the Yankees, making them the favorites in this anticipated showdown.